About Yuval

Uniting cultures through the universal language of music

Yuval’s Background: Yuval Ashkar’s music is a testament to his multicultural heritage, blending influences from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Europe. His profound connection to Middle Eastern traditions is reflected in his soulful compositions and performances.

Collaborative Nature: Collaboration lies at the heart of Yuval Ashkar Music. From Alwan and Zourouna to notable projects with acclaimed musicians, he celebrate the fusion of diverse musical traditions to create a unique and harmonious experience.

Workshops: Immerse yourself in the rhythms and melodies of the Middle East through workshops led by Yuval Ashkar. Discover the joy of Middle Eastern singing, percussion, and oud, and unlock your own musical potential.

Versatile Music

Middle Eastern music can be adaptable to suit a host of music genres.

View the images from our performance with Zeppelin Unledded

Some of my performances